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We have developed online technologies which provide automated skill-testing methods.

Sphere Engine

Solution dedicated to automated skill testing in recruitment, programming contests and education.

Our technology makes it possible to test the coding skills of your users automatically and online.

  • Sphere Engine™ API & CMS
  • Easy-to-use API: run source code with input data, receive output
  • Provides basic statistics about test execution (time, memory, crashes)
  • Skill test format must be defined externally


Sphere Engine


Sphere Online Judge, known as SPOJ, is a problem-set archive, online judge and contest hosting service accepting solutions in 80+ programming languages. SPOJ has dynamically growing community of 350k+ programmers and offers a great number of programming problems, effectively attracting new users willing to learn new things and test their skills.



Ideone is a free online IDE and debugging tool which enables users to share and run code online with own input data and it's the most powerful pastebin designed for programmers and developers on the Internet.

80+ programming languages, high performance, and detailed information about the execution of every paste makes ideone the most powerful pastebin. You can use it for your specific needs, for instance e-learning, recruitment services, programming contests, unit testing of code snippets, web applications testing, mobile applications, malicious software testing.



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